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Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is described as any area of your outside that you spend a great amount of time living in. Like the inside of the home this may include a kitchen, a dining area and a patio sitting area. When weather permits our family likes to cook, eat, relax and entertain outside. With the ever changing advancements in outdoor material and gaining popularity in covered wood structures, the truth is why you wouldn’t want to make the most of your back yard.

Extreme Exteriors strives to create an outdoor paradise that you can enjoy for more than just those warm summer days. We create a variety of different covered outdoor structures available with Screening, heating and all the other amenities that will extend the amount of time you can enjoy your back yard. Blending Hardscape, Wood, Water, Fire and softscape, Extreme Exteriors has created the perfect recipe for a back yard oasis!

Extreme Exteriors is one of Wisconsin’s Leading installers of outdoor living spaces.

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