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Retaining Wall Construction and Design

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Grades in a yard can often be a pain, Extreme Exteriors expert designers and installers have a solution. Whether it be a large structural, engineered wall or a decorative seat and garden wall bordering a patio, with a wide range of Natural stone and engineered concrete products. We have the solution through the installation of a proper compacted base we ensure the quality of the foundation of your new wall. In addition, by installing a proper drainage system behind all walls, we can reduce the hydrostatic pressure and increase the longevity of your new retaining wall. With an industry first 5 year guarantee you can be reassured that your investment isn’t going anywhere.

Need a way to get up and down?

We can incorporate steps into any retaining wall or Landscape. Let us determine how many steps, the size of the treads and what material will best suit the situation. With our creative design we are “Steps” ahead of the competition.

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Contractors License#908679

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